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The Cheapest Way to Buy or Sell US Dollars in Toronto

Toronto Canadian Bank Exchange Rates Comparison

It is a good idea to keep an eye on exchange rates as you never know when they may be in your favour. There are several ways to do so the most common being to call one of the big Canadian banks or your currency exchange provider for a rate. Alternatively, banks and currency exchange providers more often than not, have websites that provide a live quote. The difference between banks and other currency exchange providers is that banks often have huge markups as can be seen below.

Bank Markup % Source
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) 2.60% RBC Exchange Rates
TD Bank 2.60% TD Exchange Rates
Scotia Bank 2.80% Scotia Bank Exchange Rates
Bank of Montreal (BMO) 2.60% BMO Exchange Rates
CIBC 3.30% CIBC Exchange Rates
Desjardins 2.50% Desjardins Exchange Rates
HSBC 2.10% HSBC Exchange Rates

Knightsbridge FX


Knightsbridge FX


You’re probably asking yourself, why do banks charge so much more than a company such as Knightsbridge FX? The reason is quite simple; banks have a lot of overhead costs such as salary and rent in divisions that aren’t even related to foreign exchange! As a result you’re paying extra money to help them fund other parts of their business. With the internet and information all around us, we can make a smarter decision and beat the big guys. To do so, just pick up your phone and call the bank for a no-obligation quote on an amount such as US$1,000. You can then call another currency exchange provider such as Knightsbridge FX for a quote on the same amount. This will give you a clear idea as to how much money you can potentially save by considering an option besides the bank. Regardless of who you choose, both options should give you a discount on larger transactions.

(It is important to remember that exchange rates fluctuate in real time and are constantly changing based on market events.)



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Toronto and its many neighbourhoods are home to Canada’s major national broadcast and media outlets, its world recognized museums and galleries such as the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), architecture such as the CN Tower, and multi-cultural entertainment districts and festivals such as the Taste of Danforth. It is also home to the Toronto Stock Exchange and the headquarters of many large Canadian and multinational corporations and banks. With a highly diversified economy, Toronto is amongst the Global Leaders in the Global Financial Centres Index and is constantly rated amongst the highest with regards to the world’s most livable cities as rated by the Economist Intelligence Unit.